Like Clockwork

My oldest is turning seven tomorrow. And we’ve been fighting. It happens like clockwork. Right around the year or half year mark, he gets itchy. And mouthy. Testing limits, pressing hard. And I yell. And fret. And wonder if I’m raising a jerk. It’s miserable. I worry, sometimes, that our decision to move to Spain … More Like Clockwork

Cafe con Meltdown

I knew that the meltdown would happen at some point. One can only survive on adrenaline and cafĂ© con leche for so long. My four year old had his first day of real preschool today. He will be attending a charming full Spanish immersion preschool here at the base. His teachers possess the particular loveliness … More Cafe con Meltdown


My oldest son had a bad day yesterday. He earned the wrong color on the behavior color chart, and I had to speak to his teacher. The details aren’t important—I think he is learning her expectations, and she is attempting to set up a classroom for the year. As a former teacher myself, I get … More Labyrinth


My younger son spends most mornings at the kitchen table, creating robots out of duct tape & household debris. An empty container of strawberries here, a roll of tape there, and I have another odd creation on my kitchen table. The older son has also bought into the duct tape craze, making wallets, fountains, and … More Adhere