Hard-won and Tenacious

I went out for a cafe with a Spanish friend. We talked about the new pope, the upcoming Carnival, parenting, and work. And I realized, that between the words, so hard-won and tenacious, there’s so much she doesn’t know about me. How I love Ben Folds and will.i.am. She doesn’t know that my first kiss … More Hard-won and Tenacious

Sea Glass

Almost every afternoon, the boys and I go to the beach to hunt for sea glass. We stroll along the shoreline, our eyes fixed upon the sand, searching for that telltale glint of light. A smooth, green-gilled creation, tempered over time. Garbage made beautiful. We place the glass in a large vase, right by our … More Sea Glass

Loaner Furniture

I’m not loving my kitchen table. It’s loaner furniture–wobbly, charmless, and bland. It’s a symbol for life in temporary housing. Not really here, not really there. A purgatory of broken light switches, swarming ants, and washing the same four forks every day. I recognize how lucky we are to even be here in temporary housing. … More Loaner Furniture

Home is a Table

We met our second family Saturday afternoon. Only in Espana, would I call my landlords my second family. But then, only in Spain does signing a lease involve tarta, vino, kisses and laughter. We will be living in a small city, approximately fifteen minutes from my husband’s work. It’s a glorious separation, a place where … More Home is a Table

Cafe con Meltdown

I knew that the meltdown would happen at some point. One can only survive on adrenaline and café con leche for so long. My four year old had his first day of real preschool today. He will be attending a charming full Spanish immersion preschool here at the base. His teachers possess the particular loveliness … More Cafe con Meltdown


In our old life, my husband worked forty minutes away, at an office I never visited, with people I never met. I handled children and schools and medical care and a thousand little domestic details. I went out with friends a lot, and helped edit an online writing community. We had our own orbits. Presently, … More Fortified