A Tender Land

On the day of the Three Kings Day parade, I trudged up the street, still littered with the caramelos tossed on the parade route. My boots, covered in a thick crust of crushed candies, clung to the ground with each step. I watched my oldest  ahead of me, walking with my husband and our landlord. … More A Tender Land


There is currently a 23% unemployment rate in Spain. A 21% tax is added to everything. You don’t even want to know the price of gas. Times are tough for the Spanish. And I am acutely aware of my privilege. I can buy gas, products, and food at a discounted rate at the base. I … More Rooted

Hospitality is a Verb

My goodness, the Spanish people are nice. In particular, my landlords. On the day we moved in, my landlady was there with the trucks. Which one would expect, to sign papers and pass along the keys. Not, however, to help us unpack boxes and move in. All while wearing fabulous, knee-high boots. She came over … More Hospitality is a Verb

Communion Via Laundry

A confession: In the past, when I saw a clothesline in an urban area, I assumed poverty . Pants, shirts and pajama bottoms fluttering in the breeze seemed a bit, well….third world. I’m accustomed to my ever-running clothes dryer, and the mindless, fluffy warm goodness it brings.  I’m used to my walls and my doors … More Communion Via Laundry

Succumb to Wonder

Our children are funny, smart, and caring little people. Yet, they have next to no appreciation for Moorish architecture or flying buttresses. Except, perhaps, that buttress has the word “butt” in it. I am not surprised about this. When asked, my oldest described a perfect day as “I would go to the beach and have … More Succumb to Wonder