Like Chocolate

Time: 1994. I’m taking my oral exams in Spanish, and I complete a conversation with my teacher. I don’t recall what we discussed, except that she brought up the movie Total Recall more than one would expect. This was the last hurdle before I would be done with my required Spanish classes to get my … More Like Chocolate

Just How it Is.

People ask, “Are things as good for you in Spain as they appear on the computer?” Meaning: Are you really that happy? Well, yes. And no. I am, by nature, a person who seeks connection.  I like to chit-chat with the people that flit in and outof my day. But here’s my reality: I spend … More Just How it Is.


There is currently a 23% unemployment rate in Spain. A 21% tax is added to everything. You don’t even want to know the price of gas. Times are tough for the Spanish. And I am acutely aware of my privilege. I can buy gas, products, and food at a discounted rate at the base. I … More Rooted