When I lift weights, I tend to rush through the movements. When I’m supposed to sink slowly into a squat, it’s more like a free fall. And yet, when I’m supposed to be explosive, I’m languid and floppy. I think it’s a lack of trust in my abilities, or a sneaking suspicion that my creaky … More Lavender


This city awakens every February. Drums echo at dusk. We adorn the calles with flags and lights. It is Carnaval. It is a time in which I feel so very connected, and yet so separate from this land. I am welcomed, eagerly, to the celebrations, where we eat paella, or carne, or churros. The restaurants … More Carnaval

Cracks and Edges

In a spirited (and rather tongue-in-cheek) talk over coffee, some friends and I discussed…. The best ways to travel through Europe with young children:  1. Don’t. 2. Really. Don’t. Kid swap with another couple–travel alone while they watch your children, and vice-versa. 3. Or go on a trip with the girls. Or boys. Leave the … More Cracks and Edges