Airing of Grievances


Things I hate about living in Spain:

1. Instead of merely sending a note, we are required to have meetings to discuss classroom events, such as field trips, grades, or holiday celebrations. It’s really frustrating to get to know the parents in my kid’s class, have a sense of community, and a relationship with his teacher.

2. Everything takes longer in stores. At the bookstore, they wrap up your books in pretty paper. When you buy fruit, they select each piece, and cut off the stems of your carrots. In clothing stores, they make recommendations about colors or sizes. It takes forever to have personalized service.

3. You can’t get coffee in a big cup. You are forced to drink piping hot coffee, made to order, while talking with your friends. So uncivilized.

4. When you go to restaurants, it takes a long time to get your check. It’s as if they aren’t constantly turning over the tables to make more money.

5. Dog poop on the streets. That’s legit.

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