One Cherry

I have been going to the same fruit stand for  two years now. It’s situated between the exposition center and a stretch of cute, flower-draped casitas. The proprietor of said fruiteria is Manolo. He’s a friendly sort, always calling out a hearty “Buenas” as I pass. Often, this happens two to three times a day. Manolo … More One Cherry


When I speak to my landlords about the house, pronouns get in the way. I start to say, “mi casa,” and then hesitate, and say, “tu casa.” We dance around the words for a few minutes, smiling and shrugging. It’s a difficult thing for me. We pay our rent, and we have filled the place … More Tuyos

Another Layer

Finally, the weather is turning. There’s enough of a breeze that my boots and scarves are functional, instead of purely aesthetic. The boys zip up their jackets as we walk to school, the air just brisk enough to feel alive. I try to walk as much as possible, because it makes me feel like a … More Another Layer