Welcome to Smallville

Last winter, I was walking my kids to school. It was a dark day, teetering between cloudy and rainy. As we continued our whiny trudge, the skies opened, and the rain flew into our faces. The three of us huddled under one umbrella, small droplets pelting our legs, arms, and backpacks. A SUV pulled up,and … More Welcome to Smallville

Verano Nuevo

This summer has been different the second time around. Good different, in many ways. My sons attend a surf camp in the mornings, and although I have not seen it with my own eyes, I understand that they are actually able to surf. For a girl who grew up in the desert, having sons who … More Verano Nuevo

Mobility Issues

I rarely talk about my interests here, besides parenting and travel. Obviously, I enjoy writing, although I enjoy it in the half-ass way that I like baking, knitting, camping, home design, and photography.  I do not study them, or take lessons, or strive to improve in any significant way. They simply bring me a burst … More Mobility Issues

Echar de Menos

This morning, the clouds hung dark and gray, like muslin drapes scraping the rooftops of the town. I put on a cardigan as I drove the kids to surf camp, and longed for the taste of pumpkin. It’s odd to think of fall on August 1st, but that’s where the weather took me this morning….a … More Echar de Menos