Things that make Disneyland Paris different from Disneyland California

1. It’s smaller. No Bear Country Jamboree or Tiki room.

2. More smoking.

3. Nemo speaks French. 10525831_10204211066576814_1172086564824694086_n

Things the French do Better 

1. Wrap up pastries like presents

2. Accessorize

3. Make subway systems beautiful.887317_10204211120458161_4647481535186132400_o

Things my mother brings to Spain

1. Sweatbands

2. Portable mister bottles

3. The missing part of me.

Things my father does in Spain

1. Teaches me that a character named Anna Pigeon exists.

2. Sings Eagles songs

3. Acts just like me.

Things that Paul and I do when traveling

1. Seek out Chipotle in Paris


2. Walk very, very, very quickly

3. Get mistaken for Italian, French, and English.

Things that give me hope

1. The oldest turns to me, as the light shines through the iron twisted poetry of the Eiffel Tower, and says, “I will remember this for the rest of my life.” 10527470_10204182604785287_1756499411686057413_n

Things that ground me

1. Oldest says, “Mom, you’re the heart of our family……and dad is the brain.”

2 thoughts on “Things

  1. Love this! Love the oldest’s last comment about you being the heart and Paul being the brain! And I may be a teensy bit jealous about your visit to the Eiffel Tower!!! The twins did a unit on the Eiffel Tower last spring, and they LOVED it! I would love for them to be able to see it in person! Instead I’ll show them your picture.

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