Compare and Contrast

Spanish Rules for Going to the Beach 1. Pack up a minimum of three separate coolers, each packed to the gills with drinks, prepared dishes, and magic. 2. Pack fold-up chairs, a table, three umbrellas, a rug, a generator, and a butler. 3. Stay on the beach all day long. Do not let things things … More Compare and Contrast

Fin de Curso

Today is the last day of my sons’ cursos at their schools. Looking at the first and last day snapshots, they are taller, and thinner in the face–the baby squishiness all but a memory. They started the school barely functional in Spanish, and have left with language skills that surpass my own. When we walk … More Fin de Curso


There are many things which are simply not worth your time when living abroad. Chief amongst them for me is cutting out carbs, because I’ve got the rest of my life to be miserable. The first year overseas is a learning curve in regards to language, relationships, and customs. Simple acts, like ordering a sandwich, … More Alchemy

For Today

My husband is gone, and will remain gone for much of the month. In this community, where deployment or extended unemployment is the norm, it is simply unacceptable to complain about this fact. He is working, and he is gone for just a month. I am lucky. When he is gone, which has happened for … More For Today