39 in 39

I turned 39 exactly one week ago. The last year of my thirties, or, the first of many 39th birthdays.

In the week of my 39th year, I have:

1. Lost my wallet.

2. Drank tinto de verano at 11:30 AM. At a school function. While wearing a wig.

3. Led a game at a baby shower.

4. Devoured fish-and-chips at a Irish restaurant run by a South African. In Spain.

5. Kissed a man, but only on one cheek. Because I like to leave ’em hanging.

6. Danced to techno in a plaza with my friend. Did the hand wave/hopping thing.

7. Bought another wig.

8. Dressed my husband in drag.

9. Was a part of this, basically.

10. Watched my children play in the ocean for the first time in 2014. One was naked from the waist down.

11. Talked and talked and talked with my brother, my heart, my very best friend.

12. Said goodbye to him and got a little sniffly as I drove home.

13. Turned my own book in at the library, because I wasn’t paying attention. This increased loss of things does not bode well for the forties.

14. Starting wearing perfume.

15. Watched one of my friends be brave. Loved her from far away.

16. Planned a trip to  Barcelona at the end of the month.

17. Walked to an appointment because I couldn’t get the dog to come inside the house, even when I bribed her with bacon.

18. Wore sandals for an hour.

19. My entire family was in the same room, if you consider a laptop computer and Skype the same room.

20. Drove home on fumes, and walked to the gas station to get enough gas to start the car.

21. Fought against Spanish New Math. Conquered it, briefly.

22. Watched my younger draw all the planets, studying the pictures and copying it just so. His little fingers gripped the pen, and his shoulders pressed against his task. A world away.

23. Listened to my older say, “I wish that it was easier to make friends.”

24. Allowed my heart to break a bit.

25. Hung up my brother’s clothing on the line, folding them neatly, grateful for the opportunity to provide a small kindness.

26. Yelled too much.

27. Wore lots and lots of eyeliner.

28. Didn’t eat enough vegetables.

29. Swished coconut oil around in my mouth for 20 minutes because the internet told me to.

30. Watched Sandra Bullock re-confirm that I have zero interest in space travel.

31. Swept the leaves off the patio.

32. Planted a few peppers.

33. Pet the dog’s warm belly as she rested in the sunshine.

34. Played enough Uno to last seven lifetimes.

35. Spoke on the phone in Spanish. Twice.

36. Bought a new purse.

37. Celebrated my opportunities.

38. Mourned that there are people I love on the other side of the ocean.

39. Turned the page. Kept the story going.

2 thoughts on “39 in 39

  1. Nancy, I want to be like you when I start having 39th birthdays. Which is definitely not in 2 years. Nope. You are such a fantastic example of living.

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