All week long, the various brotherhood organizations in our town will be participating in processionals for Semana Santa. I don’t know much about it at all, except that the groups will carry large images or statues of Jesus and The Virgin through the town. Some of the penitents will be in hooded garb, and there … More Penitent

Muy Similar

“Otra lingua!” I cried to my landlords, as I shared that we were taking a weekend trip to Southern Portugal. “Lingua, lingua! No mas.” My landlord told me not to worry. Portuguese, he explained is “Muy Similar” to Spanish. And, I suppose he was right. That is, as long as I elected not to speak. … More Muy Similar


I’m at the fruteria, buying my weekly supply of clementines, strawberries, potatoes, beans, eggs, carrots, and vocabulary practice. All is going well. I even manage to say both “zanahoria” and “judia” without international incident. And then, I hear a voice behind me, “Hola, Nancy.” It’s my landlady’s brother. He’s young, and cute. Sleepy eyes, and … More Besos

Still Flaming Red

I am turning 38 on Tuesday. When I turned 37, I celebrated my birthday by running across the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and eating a Nutella cupcake at CakeLove in DC. I had announced that 37 was to be my “Year of Adventure,” and that I was going to run across as many bridges as possible. … More Still Flaming Red