Corporate Spain shuts down on Sunday. The grocery stores, big box emporiums, local tiendas, and shopping malls close their doors. Restaurants, bars, and cafes, however, remain open. Families and friends gather, drink, laugh, and linger. A holy day. It’s not uncommon, even in February, to see families walk along the paseo, by the beachfront. Children … More Sunday

Like Clockwork

My oldest is turning seven tomorrow. And we’ve been fighting. It happens like clockwork. Right around the year or half year mark, he gets itchy. And mouthy. Testing limits, pressing hard. And I yell. And fret. And wonder if I’m raising a jerk. It’s miserable. I worry, sometimes, that our decision to move to Spain … More Like Clockwork

Hard-won and Tenacious

I went out for a cafe with a Spanish friend. We talked about the new pope, the upcoming Carnival, parenting, and work. And I realized, that between the words, so hard-won and tenacious, there’s so much she doesn’t know about me. How I love Ben Folds and She doesn’t know that my first kiss … More Hard-won and Tenacious

Sea Glass

Almost every afternoon, the boys and I go to the beach to hunt for sea glass. We stroll along the shoreline, our eyes fixed upon the sand, searching for that telltale glint of light. A smooth, green-gilled creation, tempered over time. Garbage made beautiful. We place the glass in a large vase, right by our … More Sea Glass