Spanish Fashion. And Me.

Due to a delicious combination of negative self-talk, a tight budget, and laziness, I have been a slob my entire life.

Let’s just take a look through the iPhoto archieves:

DSC00271 DSC00382 DSC01276

Yes. That happened.

And then– I moved here and saw six year old girls wearing knee-high leather boots and perfectly knotted scarves.

I watched women of all shapes and sizes, wearing glorious jackets that enhanced their forms, providing instant elegance.

I observed (with no lack of enjoyment)  men in form fitting sweaters and collared shirts.

And I realized that it was time to up my game.

I started with scarves. My mother-in-law had passed along some lovely scarves, so I already had them. But now, I started wearing them.


It quickly became an illness.


I’ve also become vaguely obsessed with boots.


Yesterday, I went shopping at a store called El Corte Ingles, which is like a Spanish Macy’s. My friend kept telling me that my clothes were too big. “In Spain now,” she said, “No es America. Our clothes fit.”

And thus, I have entered the next frontier–tucking in my shirt, and getting rid of the baggy.

Sometimes, thinking about my clothing is a huge hassle. But sometimes….it’s a lot of fun.

Clothing doesn’t have to be armor. And I don’t have anything to hide.

4 thoughts on “Spanish Fashion. And Me.

  1. If fashion sense is a requirement, I may never ever be able to move to Spain.
    Like ever. (Thanks, Taylor Swift!)

    And yet.

    You look simply lovely in a scarf and boots.
    So maybe I could at least take a shower…

  2. I’m just starting to up my fashion game. While I wouldn’t say that I’ve been a slob (although certainly there have been slobbish times), I would describe my fashion sense as “a day late and a dollar short.” And then I discovered Pinterest (yes, I caved), and I’ve been following fashion blogs, and Shayne got a raise so we can finally save up for clothes. And I’m starting to put effort into looking put together. And you know what? It feels good to look good!

    I think scarves could be your signature accessory. They totally work on you!

  3. I want you to do a scarf wearing tutorial. I love scarves, and I want to wear them, but I’m never sure exactly how to do it – do you knot up high, or down low, do you drape. I need scarf help.

    You are looking lovely – Spain clearly agrees with you.

  4. If those Spanish women have any tips on how to wear a scarf when one has been overly blessed in the chestal region, I’d love to actually start using my scarf collection. (I keep buying them. They’re so pretty.)

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