Poppies and Violet

The trees lining the main roads into my pueblo explode into violet this time of year. Every year, I notice, and comment, and forget it until the following year. As I do with the orange poppies in spring, or the sunflowers in the summer. Nature gives me color, small gifts of life, and I’m momentarily, … More Poppies and Violet


The sunshine is back. And I take walks because I can, wearing open-toed shoes, with painted toenails winking up at me. I have lived here enough to know that soon two o’clock will be exhausting, a velvet cloak. But for now, I walk. I see my neighbor’s flowers bloom. He’s very sick, people tell me. … More Steps


As I’ve discussed before, I love (ed) my Fitbit. I’m a goal-orientated person, and I enjoy winning, especially at the expense of others. Having a device which counts my every step is highly motivating for me. I would park at the very end of parking lots. Walk from the laundry basket to the drying line … More Fitbroke

On Mopeds and Motion

Information surrounds me. I wear a Fitbit, meaning I know at any given moment my heart rate, my steps, stairs ascended, and calories burnt. Once at home, I can also track my sleep, water consumption, calories, weight loss, and compare my results to friends in my Fitbit Tribe. I have access to my older son’s … More On Mopeds and Motion

On Cleaning

I’ve been told that I am more meticulous than normal when it comes to the condition of my home, which is not entirely true. While I am obsessive about sparkling counter-tops, crisply-made beds, and perfect summits of folded t-shirts, it’s all surface. Open a drawer, and Tupperware attacks. Paperwork festers. A tsunami of towels await. … More On Cleaning