When do you stop becoming an expat and start just being a person that lives overseas? One could argue these terms are one and the same, but humor me here. When I moved here, I was an expat. The coffee is served in glass cups! They speak Spanish in Spain! I don’t understand how to … More Whispers

La Biblioteca

I’m sitting in a local library, using the computers, and spying on the woman directly across from me. Her son, approximately three years old, is nestled on her lap, as she searches for coloring pages, reading worksheets, and other such things. Homeschool mom would be my first guess. She’s whispering to him, listening to his … More La Biblioteca

Keep Trying

I forgot to renew the domain here, and for a brief moment, all my thoughts related to jamon, friendship, parenting, and making an ass of myself were locked into WordPress purgatory. Thankfully, I decided having a forum was worth at least one more year. So. There’s that. As I begin another school year overseas, my … More Keep Trying

Dog Ministry

“So,”  I said, as we cleared the dinner table, “we’re watching a few dogs this weekend.” My husband spoons rice into a Tupperware container and frowns. “How many is ‘a few’?” “Well, four,” I reply. “Gunner, Chico, Dixie, and Henley.” He rolls his eyes, but he doesn’t say no. This is as close to consent … More Dog Ministry

Poppies and Violet

The trees lining the main roads into my pueblo explode into violet this time of year. Every year, I notice, and comment, and forget it until the following year. As I do with the orange poppies in spring, or the sunflowers in the summer. Nature gives me color, small gifts of life, and I’m momentarily, … More Poppies and Violet


The sunshine is back. And I take walks because I can, wearing open-toed shoes, with painted toenails winking up at me. I have lived here enough to know that soon two o’clock will be exhausting, a velvet cloak. But for now, I walk. I see my neighbor’s flowers bloom. He’s very sick, people tell me. … More Steps


As I’ve discussed before, I love (ed) my Fitbit. I’m a goal-orientated person, and I enjoy winning, especially at the expense of others. Having a device which counts my every step is highly motivating for me. I would park at the very end of parking lots. Walk from the laundry basket to the drying line … More Fitbroke

On Mopeds and Motion

Information surrounds me. I wear a Fitbit, meaning I know at any given moment my heart rate, my steps, stairs ascended, and calories burnt. Once at home, I can also track my sleep, water consumption, calories, weight loss, and compare my results to friends in my Fitbit Tribe. I have access to my older son’s … More On Mopeds and Motion

On Cleaning

I’ve been told that I am more meticulous than normal when it comes to the condition of my home, which is not entirely true. While I am obsessive about sparkling counter-tops, crisply-made beds, and perfect summits of folded t-shirts, it’s all surface. Open a drawer, and Tupperware attacks. Paperwork festers. A tsunami of towels await. … More On Cleaning